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Grand Center Public Open House

All who live, work and play in the area are invited to attend this community visioning session to discuss their desires for neighborhood beautification, traffic, parking, streets, sidewalks and more.  Participants will get the opportunity to meet with planners who will listen to their aspirations, issues and needs and then design community solutions that enhance the neighborhood’s overall quality of life.

Want to learn more about the changes going on in Grand Center? Visit the Grand Center Great Streets page and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.


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Eddie WilliamsMarch 14, 2013 Mar 22, 2011

Eddie Williams says:

When you install the round-a-bouts, will MetroBus be able to navigate Grand? Will you have convenient bus stops on Grand for people who take public transit to Grand Center? (I, We eat at the resturants and attend show at Grand Center too).

Route #70 Grand is the busiest bus line in Missouri. Bus #70 carries almost 45,000 passengers a month. Almost as much as MetroLink.

The reason I am leaving a comment is because in the St. Louis Region, People who take public transit espically MetroBus, are not considered or factored into urban planning. We are an afterthought. We enjoy and attend all the same events as people in cars do. Everyone who rides MetroBus is the poor. We have more disposolable income because we don't have to pay for gas, parking, car insuranse, etc. If I have to walk a country mile because of lack of bus stops, I will be less lackly to spend my disposalble income in an entertainment district that don't consider me as valuable as someone in a car.

Thank you

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