Welcome to Grand Center Arts District

Grand Center Arts District is the landmark destination for arts and culture organizations, creative entrepreneurs and businesses in St. Louis and the Midwest. Discover block after block of eclectic venues offering everything from Broadway to Black Box Theater, Bebop to Beethoven, street art to galleries and sushi to soul food. Kick back in a park, debate the latest exhibits, witness world-class talent and cheer on aspiring artists. Every visit is fresh and new in this ever-evolving cultural crossroads.

History of Grand Center Arts District

In the early 1900s, Grand Center was a premier entertainment destination. St. Louisans lined up outside of luxurious movie houses like the Fox Theater for the day’s biggest films and the cool breeze of air conditioning. But soon automobiles carried St. Louisans to the suburbs and the district declined. But in 1968, the St. Louis Symphony debuted at a renovated Powell Hall and world-class entertainment graced the newly refurbished Fox stage. The rest – shall we say – is history.


  • 60+ Arts & Cultural Organizations
  • 16 theaters
  • 17 museums/galleries
  • 10 music venues
  • 18 event space rentals
  • 22 bars/restaurants
  • 8 schools/universities
  • 4 religious institutions

Landmarks Grand Center Arts District Walking Tour

The Grand Center Arts District tour, led by experienced guides in cooperation with Landmarks Association of St. Louis, features the rich concentration of cultural- and arts-related landmarks radiating out from the fabled intersection of Grand and Olive. Tours typically last two hours; expect to walk approximately 2 miles at a moderate pace.The Grand Center Arts District Tour is offered by request for groups of 5 or more. To request a group tour, please click here.

Want to Give Back?

When you support Grand Center Inc. you are helping us foster a place to connect people to the arts in St. Louis and enhance the entire St. Louis community. Individual and corporate contributions allow Grand Center, Inc. to continue our work to foster and grow our community’s one-of-a-kind stage.