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May 2, 6:00 pmMay 18, 6:00 pm

The Kranzberg
501 N Grand Blvd
St. Louis, MO United States

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THE PLAYWRIGHT:  Mickle Maher is one of the founders of Chicago’s acclaimed Theatre Oobleck.  SPIRITS TO ENFORCE will be the 4th Maher show Midnight has produced, including: THE HUNCHBACK VARIATIONS  2002/3 and again 2018  This small gem played several small venues in town, including now closed bars and television studios, and some larger spaces including Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. AN APOLOGY For The Course And Outcome Of Certain Events Delivered By DOCTOR JOHN FAUSTUS On This His Final Evening.  2010 and again 2018.  Midnight’s 2nd production of this was part of the FAUSTIVAL Festival, which also included Faust shows from SATE and ERA. IT IS MAGIC  2021   Nominated for 7 Theatre Critics Circle Awards, Winner of 3. THE DIRECTOR:  Lucy Cashion, Assistant Professor of Theatre, St. Louis University and Artistic Director, ERA Theatre.  For ERA and SATE in the past few years, Lucy has directed some epic productions.  She was particularly taken with Maher’s THE HUNCHBACK VARIATIONS, and has been on the lookout to direct one of his scripts with Midnight.  Upcoming, Lucy will also be directing DREAMING OF LEAR in February, a co-production of ERA and Prison Performing Arts, and in July, ERA will present Courtney Bailey’s new script ROMANOFF FAMILY YARD SALE. THE PLAY:  The Title:  “Spriits to Enforce’” is from Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST, from Prospero’s poignant final lines – “Now I want Spirits to Enforce, Art to Enchant”. The Story: They’ve finally imprisoned their arch nemesis, Professor Cannibal.  And now the Fathom City Enforcers have taken residence in a secret submarine, and are undertaking the most critical work of their crimefighting mission – fundraising. Their Plan?  They’re getting ready to present a “Superheroic” benefit performance of THE TEMPEST. Infused with comic book lore, chorale arrangements and text from Shakespeare’s masterpiece, SPIRITS TO ENFORCE is an utterly unique theatrical trip. THE CHARACTERS:  A cast of 12 will portray the Fathom City Enforcers.  Each actor will play 3 roles – their secret (but named) identity, the character they’ll portray in THE TEMPEST, and a Superhero Avatar. The Enforcers are: The Silhouette, The Bad Mask, Fragrance Fellow, The Pleaser, Memory Lass, The Page, Ariel, The Ocean, The Untangler, The Intoxicator, The Tune, and The Snow Heavy Branch. THE CAST for SPIRITS TO ENFORCE will be announced soon. THE CRITICS:  “Mesmirizing…the stuff that great theatre is made of.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Entrancing…beguiling…the play is like a dance, a 90-minute linguistic ballet… a rollicking cerebral delight.” Cleveland Plain Dealer Prior to SPIRITS TO ENFORCE, Midnight will present an encore performance of its Linda Ronstadt show JUST ONE LOOK at Blue Strawberry on Feb. 22.  And will then present, in repertory, premieres of new cabaret theatre shows MOVIE MUSIC and JACEY’S JAZZ JOINT at Blue Strawberry March 6 – 27.  Tickets are on sale for those shows at BlueStrawberrySTL.com. attached photo:  Director Lucy Cashion more at MidnightCompany.com

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