You’ll want to fly over to the Angad galleries to experience the freedom and beauty expressed in Seres Transitorios (Transient Beings), their new exhibit on the main floor of the hotel. From Colombia to the Midwest, wandering artists Kelly Jimenez and Alejandro Franco are featuring three powerful pieces that embrace their passion for the earth, grown out of their migratory experience. Each piece is an expression of the beauty and the pain that exist in our tenuous relationship with our home planet.

The lives of Jimenez and Franco mirror those of the migrant birds they have exalted to larger than life. As Colombian immigrants, they lived in Florida for many years only to continue to migrate to the Midwest looking for a different set of resources like birds traveling across the world with an equivalent search. It is in resources that their work most strongly speaks to the viewer. Each piece is constructed from cardboard and single-use plastics to spotlight the anthropogenic effects on the earth and its wildlife. Like birds gathering what they find around them, Jimenez and Franco use what is most abundantly available in our modern world.

Don’t miss this open gallery experience at The Angad open now through October.