Adam Kuchler is currently performing in Circus Flora’s fabulous new production “The Case of the Missing Bellhop” as the eponymous Bellhop!  Here are his top 5 loves:

  1. The Fountain on Locust: This place is an easy #1 for me. Dripping in style, it reminds me of a Lower East Side burlesque hall I perform in when I’m at home.
  2. The Abandoned Church: I love walking past the church. It’s an architectural artifact on the edge of being reclaimed by the land, a symbol for every mood.
  3. Small Batch: I stopped eating meat while in St. Louis last summer, and this place opened my mind to the scope of meatless possibilities. It’s a bit fancy, and most importantly, open late enough for a post-show dinner.
  4. The Fox: Everyone knows this place. It’s a jewel that celebrates performing arts. Top shelf all around.
  5. Strauss Park: A nice centerpiece in Grand Center Arts District. You get a sense of the neighborhood for its gathering of people, as a showcase for events, and food trucks!