Carmen D. Crosby, Visitor Services Manager at the Contemporary Art  Museum shares her top 5 gifts for any occasion.


Amy Sherald catalog

1. St. Louis Black on Black sweatshirt $55: The colorway is cool in and of itself but you can also show city pride in a chic and minimal way. It’s also honestly THE softest and most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever owned.

2. Amy Sherald catalog $25:  This intimate survey of the artist’s first solo exhibition features gorgeous installation photos and essays in a smaller format. Trust me, this book will not be confined to your coffee table.

3. Machete earrings $30- $58: Not your typical art museum jewelry (1. because you actually want to buy it and 2. you can also afford it!) These statement pieces are surprisingly lightweight and durable.

Christine Corday tote

4. Museums of St. Louis Print $30 now $20: Great gift for art lovers of all ages. The colors are stunning to look at and it’s fun to use it as a guide to explore the city. It features 54 institutions in and around St. Louis, commissioned by CAM from local artist Dan Zettwoch.

5. It’s a tie between William Downs “Sometimes it Hurts” tote $65 and Christine Corday “21st alchemy tote” $30. Both are limited edition designed by artists in conjunction with their exhibitions at CAM – and signed by the artists themselves! 



About Carmen

Carmen is an avid art lover, creator, and native of St. Louis. When not working at CAM, she divides her time between creating content for her website, spending time with family, and traveling. Determined to be surrounded by inspiration this year, she plans to visit at least one new city every month.