Insider: Ozzie Salcedo

As the Director of Special Events & Nightlife at the
Angad Arts Hotel, Ozzie is the gatekeeper to nightlife and ringleader of creating unique pop-ups, events, and shows that keep hotel guests engaged – and St. Louis locals entertained each day.

1. Angad Rainbow Terrace (ART):  “I might be partial here but to me, jaw-dropping views + David Burke’s bites + craft cocktails + great music = GREAT MEMORIES!” 

Breakfast at Turn

2. Turn: “When I met Chef David Kirkland, he found out my family is Colombian and he immediately suggested I give his Arepa a try. I was instantly hooked. The great food and laid-back vibe make this a must stop for me.” 

3. Urban Chestnut “I look forward to my walks over to their Biergarten and ordering one of their sandwiches with a cold Winged Nut… and then I chill.” 

The reflecting pool at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.


4. Rise Coffee/CAM/Pulitzer: “I know you are wondering why I listed three as one, but I work a block away and this is my – ‘I need to feel creative, inspired, productive and serene while caffeine courses through my body’ – daily lap. I start at RISE, sit in the courtyard, send some emails then look at an exhibit or two before I walk over to the Reflecting Pool at the Pulitzer and breathe quietly for a few minutes It’s now part of my routine and I love that there are so many incredible venues in the neighborhood for us to enjoy.”

5. First Fridays In Grand Center: “Seeing the streets filled with people walking from place to place makes the New Yorker in me smile, and the party planner in me excited to help add Angad Arts Hotel experiences to this amazing District crawl.”

For more information on nightlife at the Angad Arts Hotel, visit AAH! Tonight